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Circuit board recycling equipment is fully automated from feeding to sorting

The circuit board recycling and processing equipment realizes its own advantages and values. Electronic products have increasingly become an integral part of human life. The rapid development and replacement of electronic products has also accelerated the elimination of electronic products, which has also accelerated the rapid growth of electronic waste. pace.

As much as 50 million DUN of e-waste are generated worldwide each year, and it is expected to reach 60 million DUN in 2018, some of which will come from used TVs or smart phones. The growth rate of e-waste in China is even higher. In fact, many e-wastes contain precious metals such as gold, silver, and copper. According to the US Department of Environmental Protection, a DUN circuit board contains 40 to 800 times more gold than a DUN gold ore.


In other words, the mining industry spent huge sums of money to extract these metals from the ground, and major companies spent huge sums of money to purchase these metals, and then concentrated them to a high level, becoming waste, and thousands of DUN precious metals were reburied. Go underground.

Circuit board recycling equipment is a professional environmentally friendly equipment that handles these electronic wastes. For example, various electronic circuit wastes such as waste circuit boards, circuit boards, copper clad laminates, and scraps can be directly processed in this production line.

Materials are separated and recovered through primary rough crushing, magnetic separation, secondary fine crushing, dust collection, air separation, vibration screening, specific gravity separator, electrostatic separator, electric separator and other processes. The recovery rate can reach 99%. the above. The process runs from feeding to the end of sorting and is fully automated, requiring only 1-2 people to operate. This process is a physical dry separation method, which does not require heating, incineration, water and chemical raw materials, low cost, high efficiency, and normal temperature dry separation without any pollution.

Circuit board recycling equipment is the route for crushing and separating these electronic wastes. There is also a new type of dust removal equipment in the equipment to prevent dust pollution.

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