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Circuit Board Recycling Equipment Considerations

The circuit board recycling equipment adopts dry crushing and pulverization, so that raw materials such as waste circuit boards, waste circuit boards, scrapped circuit boards, and waste circuit boards become a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder, and then metal and resin are replaced by a high-voltage electrostatic separator. The process route of metal separation, if the waste is too large and too hard during the process of disposing of the waste circuit board, it can be disassembled and then pulverized.
1. After the equipment is started, observe whether the running direction is correct. After confirming, the production can be carried out.
2, weekly bearing inspection and maintenance, the host bearing uses high-speed butter;
3. Send professionals to collect non-metallic materials and metal materials in time for normal production of equipment;
4. Check the pipeline interface for leaks from time to time, seal in time to avoid dust production;
5. Observe the current meter during production, do not operate in violation of regulations;
6. The electrostatic separator should be sent by professional technicians. When the electrostatic equipment is working, workers are strictly prohibited from contacting the electric roller and the power grid.
Circuit board recycling equipment is an environmentally-friendly equipment specially produced for the recycling and reuse of circuit boards, circuit boards, electronic components, etc. It has no pollution to the environment. Pay attention to daily maintenance and maintenance when using this equipment, which can greatly reduce Equipment failure rate and increased equipment life.

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