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Cable Wire Recycling Machine : Make Money on Metal Scrap Recycling

Today, the world is being increasingly conscious of the need for recycling metals, such as copper. Recycling copper is a very lucrative option as it would fetch you as much as 90% of the price of the original copper.

In recent days, demand for copper is increasing so badly that copper thefts appear which have a direct relationship with the price of copper on the open market. The day will not be very far away when we declare copper as a precious metal if we do not recycle copper.

Theft of copper wiring from electrical utility sites creates about 7,500 hours of downtime which costs the industry more than $60 million annually. There are two key reasons why electric utility substations are the number one target for copper theft in the United States. Firstly, copper is available in abundant supplies in even small to medium size substations because it is the main component for distribution and grounding of electrical power. Secondly, electric utility substations are often situated inremote locations with little security.

One effective way to deal with the increasing price and theft of copper is to recycle copper from waste electric wires and cables, such as telephone wire, household electric wire, automotive wire, motorcycle electric wire, computer wire and other various miscellaneous material cables, communication cables and so on. On one hand, copper recycling helps industrial production and construction segments where huge volumes of copper are required by keeping the copper prices from sky rocketing. On the other hand, from energy efficiency and environment protection perspective, it’s better to recycle copper than it is to mine and extract copper from its virgin ore.

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