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Cable Recycling Machine Product Introduction

Cable Recycling Machine Product Introduction:
Scrap Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machine – scrap copper cable granulator ,also namely specific gravity separator can scrap waste copper cable and wire to the 1-5mm mixture granules of copper and plastic. It uses air, specific gravity and electric separation technique to separate copper
and plastic. So that the copper and plastic can be both recycled, greatly increasing their application values. This separating technique has no environment pollution. It uses totally dry- type physical separating technique and the separating ratio can be reached 90%. According to customers’ requirements, the separation machine can be made into large, medium and small size.The Scrap Copper Cable Wire Recycling Machines produced by our company use the advanced reasonable mechanical recycling technique. They can be used to scrap all kinds of waste cable,wire, iron separating by magnetic, plastic and copper separating by vibration, thus can result the effect “no plastic in copper and no copper in plastic”.

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  1. we are lookign for copper wire scrap recycling machine

    400 kg per hour input to sell in india market

    both pvc copper wire scrap, enameled copper wire scrap

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