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Automatic electronic components dismantling machine

Automatic electronic components dismantling machine is used to remove the electrical components from the waste PCB.Because the components are with different precious metals and some parts can be sell separately and directly with a better price.And the mother boards after remove the components are easily to crush and separate the copper. It reduces the work of the next step,and make the precious metals can be recovered more.

Automatic electronic components dismantling machine Advantages :

1. Full automatic working, save labor, two persons are enough.
2. Tin remove and dismantling components at one step.
3. Automatic temperature controlled by our heating system.
4. Large capacity: 200kg/h,300kg/h,500kg/h.
5. Operating safety and easily.
6. Less damage to the components,keep the precious metals no losing.
7. Mother board and components can be proceed respectively in the next step to improve economic benefits.
8. Friendly to the air environment,all the smoke processing by the waste gas treatment system.

Automatic electronic components dismantling machine Parameter

Model Power(kw) Weight (kg) Capacity(kg/h) Dimension(m)
ZCJ-200 0.75+1.1+3 350+100 200 1.67*0.97*1.4
ZCJ-300 0.75+2.2+3 500+200 300 1.85*1.2*1.52
ZCJ-500 0.75+3+3 800+300 500 2.1*1.27*1.74

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  1. We are interested in automatic dismantling machine, can you please advise how the system works and how we can get a better understanding of what exactly gets separated and what does not.

    • zhengyangpcb says:

      Have informed relevant staff in your reply to solve your problem, I’m sorry, now just reply to you because of the National Day of China.

  2. Amit says:

    Rate for components removing machine

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