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Analysis of the three influential factors for E-waste Recycling

Analysis of the three influential factors for E-waste Recycling

“Striding towards the new era of Eco-civilization and establishing a beautiful China is an important content to realize the Chinese dream of achieving the great rejuvenation of Chinese nation.”On July 18, 2013, Xi jinping said at an international Eco-civilization forum in the 2013 annual meeting of congratulations.Chinese president Xi has a green China dream, we Zhengyang Machinery also have a green dream to change the image of Chinese environment in the word. For many year, Domestic E-waste recycling industry has been in a state of mess. Zhengyang Machinery focuses on the research and development of environmentally friendly E-waste recycling machinery and we hope that E-waste management companies and related controlling authorities can be united to solve the problem of electronic waste recycling.

Analysis of economic influence of E-waste recycling

1. Social employment

The final treatment of electronic waste still needs a higher level of technology. Companies organizations specialized in the processing of electronic waste has a great demand on special environmental protection personnel. For them, suitable and rational human resources management strategies should be implemented to attract special talents to the enterprises so as to achieve the effective combination of environmental protection personnel and the corresponding technical posts, and finally promote the increase of environmentally friendly jobs.

2.Stimulate the economy

On the one hand, China tries to strengthen the construction of e-waste recycling system by increasing its social employment to make electronic waste recycling become an normal project and then stimulate the economic improvement of the enterprises.On the other hand, by increasing the e-waste processing waste recycling system within the enterprise, it will improve investors’ confidence for electronic waste management, help to absorb foreign investment, promote economic increase of electronic waste treatment enterprises, which effectively stimulated the economic development of China.

Analysis of the influence of social roles in E-waste recycling

1. The influence of government

The utilization and treatment of electronic waste recycling is impossible to complete without government’s provision of the perfect recycling system, so the role of the government is particularly important. For for the embarrassing situation of domestic government on the one hand, highlighting the dangers of electronic waste, on the other hand lacking relevant responsible organizations, our government should upgrade from the following four aspects: Firstly, it’s necessary to perfect the existing laws and regulations related to electronic waste; Secondly, government should provide more financial support for those electronic waste recycling companies so as to make them increase investment in environmental protection equipment;Thirdly, it’s also essential for the government to build system of extended producer responsibility to promote the recycle of electronic waste; Fourthly, government needs to try to strengthen the link between industry association and enterprises, providing technological and recycling support for enterprise engaged in electronic waste treatment.

2. The influence of producers

Producers, as the first generators of electronic waste, should not only assume the responsibility of product design and production, but have the responsibility of product recycling, safe disposal and reuse. Therefore, the best way to solve electronic waste is to reduce or eliminate the electronic waste, reduce the generation of electronic waste from the source. At the same time, it’s essential to encourage producers for green design and green production, extend the product life cycle, to reduce the number of electronic waste. By improving the technology design, the producers should make the function of electronic products more integrated and realize the miniaturization of electronic control components, to improve the efficiency of regeneration processing.

3. The influence of consumers

For building a conservation-minded society and realizing the electronic waste recycling, the role of the consumers is also important. From the current awareness of consumers, the majority of consumers lack adequate awareness of the dangers of electronic wastes and their features of resource. So, it’s necessary to advocate the low-carbon living and green consumption, and cherish resources, enhance environmental protection consciousness, so that customers will actively put the wastes into the recycling system. In this way, the producers will be guided for the production and manufacturing of products that meet the environmental standards and eventually to achieve the goal of environmental protection and establishing a harmonious society.
Finally, Zhengyang Machinery calls for more people to pay attention to the green and healthy development, focus on e-waste recycling and go all out to build a new and green economic development situation in our country.

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