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Amazing!!! 200 million electronics scrap produced annually

At present china become the world’s largest production and waste electric and electronic power, main electric and electronic scrap amount up to 200 million units a year. And the recycling and utilization of waste electrical products become the focus, if improper handling will cause a lot of pollution and pose a threat to people’s health.
Electrical products producers liable product recycling and reuse of waste after use, the maximum resource utilization, reduce pollutants and emissions.
First need to set up perfect recycling channel, scrappage activities, to establish recycling establishment that decide a dot, or entrust a third party recycling of their products.
Second to dismantling of waste electric and electronic, realize the scale, standardization, and development of less energy consumption, low pollution technology and industrial applications. Will conform to the specifications of the waste electric and electronic components to reuse, reduce the waste of resources.
Finally, in the early stages of the product development design, think about all the raw materials required for product from material selection, production, use, recycling and reuse each link’s impact on the environment, green pollution-free materials instead of harmful components, from the source to protect the environment.
Our company has many years of e-waste recycling plan research and production experience, can undertake 100% of electronic waste recycling, can achieve maximum utilization.

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