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Aluminum plastic recycling machine improve the Aluminum Recycled

The global aluminum consumption more than 30% comes from recycled aluminum, Europe and the United States and other developed countries close to 70% comes from renewable aluminum, facing the rapid development and progress of the world situation, aluminum and aluminum reserves accumulation for a long time,the world will soon celebrate aluminum scrap peak of critical moment,waste aluminum-plastic packaging,aluminum plastic products recycled by the Aluminum plastic recycling machine, such as the regeneration of aluminum, to comprehensively improve the quality and level of industrial development,It improve the aluminum recycled rare and the aluminum used.
In order to improve the regeneration of aluminum production and satisfy the development level of aluminum,the aluminum-plastic separation equipment made in our factory,advanced technology innovation is strong,satisfy the national actual situation, can thoroughly solve the aluminum-plastic products of metal and nonmetal separation.
This new type of aluminum-plastic separation equipment technology can satisfy the resources recovery industry and environmental protection equipment technology development, for the world’s rapid economic development has played a role, high performance, low cost, once in a lifetime in return aluminum-plastic separation equipment, improve the recycling of aluminum industry, the development and application of aluminum-plastic separation equipment, make all kinds of waste aluminum-plastic produces use of the materials, such as to reduce resource waste and protect the environment.

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