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Aluminum plastic crushing production line

The aluminum-plastic crushing production line is well-designed and uses physical separation technology. The crusher, high-voltage electrostatic separator, aluminum-plastic mill and other equipment technologies in the supporting equipment can realize the treatment of various aluminum-plastic composites and mixtures. Taking into account the large area of ​​various waste aluminum and plastics, there are many impurities in it, and the problem of consuming manpower and material resources to organize. The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is pulverized and then finely pulverized, and then subjected to magnetic separation and iron removal, and then enters the grinding powder, and the powdery aluminum-plastic mixture enters the electrostatic separation equipment for separation. During the separation process, a dust removal device collects dust In this way, the pollution problem has also been solved.

Aluminum plastic crushing production line

Medicine plate aluminum-plastic separator, aluminum-plastic plate aluminum-plastic separator, cable sheath aluminum-plastic separator, Wahaha cap aluminum-plastic separator, aluminum-plastic separator, electrostatic aluminum-plastic separator, flexible packaging general-purpose aluminum-plastic separator, physical separation Equipment such as circuit board aluminum-plastic separator.

Raw material source for the aluminum-plastic crushing production line: waste aluminum-plastic and waste aluminum-foil plastic from corners of the pharmaceutical factory, aluminum-plastic panel factory, food and beverage factory and other aluminum foil packaging industries, waste soft packs, capsule plates, toothpaste, wahhaha bottles in the waste station . According to statistics, there are thousands of companies that produce and use aluminum foil in China, and only produce 10,000 tons of aluminum-plastic composite panels each year.

Separation of aluminum and plastics after deep processing: aluminum-plastic pipes are directly produced from aluminum-plastic partitions, which can completely separate aluminum foil and plastic. The recovery and recycling of aluminum foil can be used to smelt aluminum ingots, and can also be used in silver powder factories, fireworks factories and aluminum factories (aluminum alloy lakes).

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