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Air separator

Air separator

Air separator Used for separate the metal and nometal.

Air separator Process description:

Airflow classifier is consisting of classifier, cyclone separator dust catcher, and draft fan. Material is up to classifier by strength of fan, separate fine material from coarse material under centrifugal force of grading turbine high speed rotation .and suitable fine material is collected by cyclone separator or dust catcher through grading impeller. Under the gravity and centrifugal force, coarse material slide, threw to the bulk around and slide, during sliding the coarse material is stroke by the airflow, the fine material scattered from together with coarse is blew to classify chamber. The course is discharged from the dump value.

Air separator Features:

1.It takes the grading impeller device, low speed and power, anti-abrade;
2. Ari classifier with reasonable structure, could produce different fine finished ones, especially to scale production and industrialization required 325-8000 meshes (1.6-45micrometer) micro powder mill;
3. It is widely used to be made closed circulation to be applied to ball grinding machine, vibrating grinding machine, ray grinding mill equipment;
4. Running under negative pressure, dust emission less than 400mg/m, the noise is not more than 75db (a);
5. High degree of automation. The control system taken processing control, appear running environment .every classifier impeller adopts sleeplessly adjustable speed electronic transducer, the auto-circulating system is controlled by electronic system.

Air separator Parameters:

Model Capacity Power Weight
QLJ-800 800KG/H 5.5KW 500KG
QLJ-1000 1000KG/H 7.5KW 800KG
QLJ-1200 1200KG/H 11KW 1000KG

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