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Advantages of Circuit Board Recycling Process

The rapid development and progress of circuit board recycling equipment has accelerated the recycling of various waste circuit boards, circuit boards, copper clad laminates, scraps and electronic components, and promoted the development of circular economy while injecting new impetus into environmental improvement work. The market for circuit board recycling equipment has also entered a hot development in the next round. The successful development of circuit board recycling equipment not only improves the quality of recycled copper, but also prevents secondary pollution.
This production line adopts secondary pulverization for waste circuit board regeneration processing, making it a mixture of metal and resin fiber powder; then separating the metal from the resin by wind and static separation. In order to prevent dust pollution during processing, a pulse dust removal device is added after the air separation process to effectively solve the dust pollution problem.
Circuit board recycling processing equipment process advantages:
1.comprehensive performance, computer board recycling, computer board recycling, TV board recycling and other line control board recycling has a unique effect. The recycling of various circuit boards containing capacitor parts is also compatible.
2.This production line is an upgraded product of A-type products. On the basis of type A, the power consumption is reduced, no noise, low manual, high automation program, high efficiency, and small footprint. It is the recycling of used circuit boards. The most ideal production line.
3. the whole set of equipment uses the latest type of dust collector, three-in-one dust removal (cyclone dust removal + electrostatic dust removal + static dust removal) no pollution to the air, no exhaust emissions.
4. the equipment appearance is neat, no dust bag, replacing the traditional dust collector dust, odor can not solve the problem.

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