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Advantages of Circuit Board Recycling Equipment

For different types of circuit board materials can be classified and processed, which can be divided into three categories, common boards are one type, boards with high gold content are one type, and other miscellaneous boards are one type. Regarding the recycling and separation equipment for waste circuit boards, it is reported that the metal grade in the waste circuit board is equivalent to several ten times to hundreds of times the metal grade in ordinary minerals, and the metal content is as high as 40%, many of which are copper, in addition to gold and aluminum. Nickel, lead, silicon metal, etc., among which rare metals; and the rich metal content in nature is more than 3%, so the circuit board recycling has great regeneration value, the following circuit board recycling equipment sales line advantages:
1. Established a scientific, reasonable and standardized recycling process, adopting mechanical methods based on machinery and artificial supplementation, and harmlessly disposing of waste circuit boards with components, recycling different components, and sales efficiency. Greatly improved without secondary pollution.
2. All the schemes are handled in a dry manner. The whole process is free of waste gas, waste water and waste slag, which satisfies the requirements of environmental protection treatment and comprehensive utilization of waste household appliances in China, and makes the waste circuit boards with components in China harmless. Processing provides a new technology, new equipment.
3. The treatment method has less investment, lower energy consumption, lower operating cost and simple process operation than hydrometallurgy, pyrometallurgy, and molten tin removal components.
4. The whole processing technology and equipment are suitable for the actual situation of abundant labor resources in China, the process is simple, the operation is easy, and the equipment sales cost is low.
At present, as the mainstream recycling method for waste PCB recycling, mechanical processing technology can enrich and separate various valuable components, facilitate the comprehensive recycling of materials, and has low cost, low environmental pollution, and easy scale sales. The advantages, but it is still in the process of development, the existing processing technology needs to be further improved and improved to improve the recovery rate of materials and sorting accuracy and to minimize energy consumption. Therefore, mechanical processing technology will still be an important direction for the recycling of discarded PCB in the future.

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