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Advantages of Cable Wire Recycling Machine and principle of sorting effect

Cable Wire Recycling Machine (waste wire processing equipment) is mainly used to treat waste communication wires, automobile wires, computer wires, telephone wires, household appliances wires and other oil-free wires. Because the separated copper grains are rice-shaped, they are also called Cable Wire Recycling Machines, and are currently the best equipment for recycling waste wires and cables. First, the main purpose, principle and scope of Cable Wire Recycling Machine equipment This unit is aimed at various waste wires that are not suitable for wire stripping machines such as wire and cable, household appliance wires, communication wires, computer wires, etc. Dry separation and recycling of various scrap metal and plastic. It has the advantages of large production volume, low power consumption, high aluminum sorting rate, single feeding, and multi-machine cooperation (crushing, conveying and feeding, vacuuming and dry separation). Fully automatic control, only one person needs to feed and can produce. The advanced dust collection device improves the quality of the recovered copper, recycles plastics, and solves environmental protection problems.

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

Under the action of wind, two different materials deflection caused by amplitude motion through a certain angle of the sieve surface, so that high-density copper wire adjoins the sieve facing the copper outlet, and low-density plastic skin floats on the copper wire The top flows to the skin opening, so as to achieve the purpose of copper-plastic separation. The cleanliness rate of separation is directly proportional to the diameter of a single copper wire. The thicker the single copper wire is, the cleaner the plastic is from the plastic, and the larger the output per unit time. The thinner the copper wire is from the plastic. Worse.

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