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A Rarely Known Method to Recycle Scrap Metals

Many methods to recycle scrap metals are well known by people for their simplicity or easy popularization. Another equally important method but less known by others also should get our attention. That is scrap metal incinerator.

Scrap metal incinerators are used to burn off burnable contaminants such as plastics, rubber, paper and oils, contained in scrap metal. This process renders a cleaner metal scrap that can be further processed into a fine and valuable metal product. It operates in an oxidising atmosphere which is different from metal smelters operating in a reducing atmosphere. The purpose of a scrap metal incinerator is simply to burn of contaminants prior to smelting.

Many types of scrap materials are processed in incinerators prior to smelting, including wire and cable, drained transformer cores, automobile bodies, electric motors and various other types of metal-bearing scrap. The flammable portion of scrap metal includes a great variety of materials like rubber, cotton, silk and plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. Additionally, the metals may have such coatings like plastic, paint or varnish.

There are many different designs of scrap metal reclamation incinerators; yet there are some common points. A typical scrap metal reclamation incinerator is made up of one or more chambers and an afterburner connected to a stack. The older designs are generally limited to a single primary or charging chamber and afterburner. New designs normally incorporate a secondary or settling chamber prior to the afterburner. The designs also differ in the placement of burners and other parts.

But in the process, some harmful gases will be produced at the same, therefore we should watch out for the function of afterburners. It is certain that such complex equipment can not satisfy common people’s requirements.

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