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2017:Global E-waste will exceed 60 million tons

According to a latest report shows that global weight of electronic waste are produced annually by the year 2017 will be increased by a third, more than 60 million tons, most of China and the United States.
2017:Global E-waste will exceed 60 million tons
E-waste contains abandoned refrigerators, television sets, mobile phone, computer, display, electronic toys, and other products with the battery or wire. The report by the United Nations departments, industry organization, government, non-governmental organizations and research institutions jointly launched a project, and the report shows that China and the United States the largest number of electronic waste.
Figures show that in the past year, the global produced nearly 48.9 million tons of e-waste, each person produces about 6.8 kilograms E-waste. And over the next five years, the amount of electronic waste will reach 65.4 million tons, the weight is close to 200 of the Empire State Building in New York.
According to the report, number of electronic waste are produced in some developing countries have more than the western developed countries, most of electronic waste in China in 2012, 11.1 million tons. And in terms of per capita e-waste, America still ranked first, roughly 29.5 kg E-waste each person produces.
This data shows better countries produce the number of electronic waste, this will help to better understand the problem, and to promote better decisions in the public and private levels.

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